Everyday Etsy: For the foodie

To celebrate my new entrance into the world of Etsy i am producing this new series Everyday Etsy to showcase the best this marketplace has to offer just like my Folksy Friday editions. I am starting it off with gifts for Foodies because unlike Folksy, Etsy allows for the sale of edible goodies and vintage pieces so i am focusing on this tasty looking world for some more unique gifts. Enjoy.

The selection of unusual salts would make a great unique gift for any keen chef who loves to experiment. We are so use to simple table salt that it would be a great new experience to see what flavour combos work best for different dishes. The cute little cooking utensil necklace makes a lovely little stocking filler. The vintage apple bowl has got to be my fav of the week. Perfect fruit bowl and in a lovely auburn colour. Get those 5 a day! Check out the pinterest board for all the links you need.

X xxx


4 thoughts on “Everyday Etsy: For the foodie

  1. I think you need to add a link to your Etsy Page! – Im keep to join but never did as I only make one idem of every thing!
    Any tips?

    • You should do it! It is a really great market place for designers like you. I’ve only just joined etsy but have followed it for about 3 years, they have loads of great blog articles and tips for small businesses. It doesn’t really matter if you make one of a kinds because for most shoppers thats what they are looking for, something unique. I am also on Folksy which i like because its is just for British designers, though because they are newer they don’t have the framework or customer base that etsy do, and they take a higher commission. Funnily enough i was just checking out your wordpress and thought what a good idea it is to sell via your blog.
      Definitely check out selling on etsy and folksy, i think your work would fit in great there.
      x xxx

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