Folksy Friday: Beer Lovers

Another week another Folksy Friday, this week featuring gifts for the beer lovers in your life. This is a good one for me because it basically sums up alot of people in my family, they love a good pint and i know they would love to receive one of these items. Add a couple of bottles of beer to the present and you’ve got a perfect gift set for any beer fanatic. You can even order bottles online and get them delivered to your door. Find something special or unusual to your area and make that gift extra special. Check out my fav site The Ale Room for a selection of bottles.

These are the best of the best off folksy but the best of this bunch, for me, has got to be this drift wood stool from the aptly named Julie’s Driftwood Furniture. It would look great in any homemade bar and its recycled! Also loving the pint cuff links from The Mosaic Garden their quirky but practical and probably add abit of fun to a boring shirt and tie look. I also added in my new product of the week, a upcycled bottle carrier made from malt sacks,just add some bottles and away you go. My top pick of the week however is this quaint little painting by Draw for Toffee of a red panda all dressed up with a pint. It adorable and would love to have it in my home.

For all these gifts and more inspiration check out Folksy or my Pinterest Board

X xxx


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