15 Uses: Lids and tops

This week we have something interesting to upcycle which is often forgotten about and there is normally no standard facility to recycle them and thats lids. You can recycle glass bottles, plastic containers and but what do you do with the lids and tops? Most of the time they are not supposed to be chucked in with the rest of the recycling, though i’m sure many people do, so what are the alternatives? Upcycling of course! So here are 5 ideas for your home, 5 for the kids and 5 for games all using different types of lids and tops

5 home decorations
1. Cover the whole side of your house with colourful plastic tops making a mosaic out of throw away items. A glue gun and patience is all you need
2. A little bit easier then number one, glue together plastic tops to make a easy door mat to scrap your muddy boots on, luckily its wipeable and waterproof

3. Make a great light shade with old lids, this one uses ones from coffee cups and once you’ve used them all make sure you use a refillable cup next time you go to your local coffee shop for a cappuccino

4.  Use old paint lids and bottle tops to make colourful wall flowers for a boring garden fence, simple but really brightens up the place

5. This looks brilliant. Use beer bottle tops to make a tile splash back with a colourful pop. Not sure what you would use to set them in to the wall would have to be a waterproof material maybe some sort of grouting. Any ideas ppl?

5 for fun and games

1. Make a matching game by printing off or cutting out of magazine a set of images, You will need two sets of the same imagine. Glue each image into the inside of a deep top. Turn over and let people find the matching ones, great memory game.

2. Make a simple tic tac toe using coloured caps in two colours for crosses and noughts and use a big lid for the arena, drawing on four crossed lines to create the grid.

3. Make a beer bottle  top wind chime. Hang out of the way of little hands and let them listen to the sounds it makes in the wind.

4. Make a simple rattle instrument joining pieces of rolled up newspaper with tap and attaching a piece of cord or string with several bottle caps strung on. Great fun for kids and adults.

5. Use lids and tops for checkers or decorate them with images to make a chess set, you could pick your own characters and make a chess set featuring the whole family.

5 lids for the kids

1.  This food mural in a school canteen is a great idea to promote healthy eating and bring recycling and upcycling in to school. You could make a simpler one in your home, just need a base board, glue gun and lots of tops.

2. Make a simple counting game to help youngster with their maths, you could use lids and tops for lots of different scenarios to help improve children s mental arithmetic

3. Make a upturned top into a mini boat, gluing a tooth pick and a sail on to it. Simple but fun, why not make a whole fleet.

4. Get the kids to make little characters with colourful tops and some googly eyes. Limits are only your imagination.

5. Make simple stamps out of cut out foam attached to the top of the tops. Simple painting for a wet day in.

I love that i have found so many ideas for these often hard to recycle pieces, check out the pinterest board for more ideas as i found lots and lots


X xxx


2 thoughts on “15 Uses: Lids and tops

  1. what a brilliant post! I’ve just found you, so yay for that. As far as the beer bottle tops go, used for a splashback, I would treat them like anything else I was using for mosaic. Once they’re stuck on and completely dry, I would grout over them, maybe mixing in some sealant.

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