In The World: Orisinal Games

I discovered Orisinal Games almost a decade ago and instantly loved them, going back to play from time to time. The reason i focus on them today is share with you games that are totally peaceful and don’t feature violence, blood or money as the main goal. Though i am not adverse to a bit of zombie killing, the beautiful and peaceful world of Orisinal is refreshing.

The man behind it is, Ferry Halim, a games designer and artist living in California, who has produced hundreds of flash games for companies. Halim created Orisinal to make games with his own ideas, stories and designs, calling it his ‘playground.’ Orisinal mainly features beautifully drawn animals in equally beautiful backgrounds with simple tasks to gain points. My favourites being Panda Run: Your a panda running through a bamboo forest and have to jump to hit Chinese lanterns to release mushrooms and power balls while avoiding flying crows and rolling boulders. Bubble bees: Blow bubbles with a bubble wand and catch bees in it to gain points or Bum Bum Koala: As a koala you slide down bamboo to knock off snails jumping from several to avoid rolling snails from above.

Not only are they lovely games to play they also have wonderful music to accompany them, even after you fail the music continues to play making you feel its not that bad to lose. There is also a page on the website called rain which you can turn on to listen to the sound of falling rain and more beautiful music, perfect if you just want to relax. I imagine that people would say that they are just girly games but i think the point of them is to relax people rather then rile them up. I think it would be a great website to introduce to children early on as computers are now the norm in most homes or are easily accessed at school or libraries. Parents could feel comfortable knowing that their kids are playing quiet, simple and sometimes educational games rather then the blood bath and money grabbing games that are every where.

Don’t misunderstand me, i’m not entirely against any violence or adult ‘themes’ in games but i do believe there is a valid argument against extended exposure to  this type of game for children and adults alike. However i am against this whole media frenzy that violent games are responsible for school shootings and violent assaults. No one in there right mind plays Grand Theft Auto and immediately thinks ‘hey why don’t i go out and shoot a load of prostitutes and steal any car i want, the police won’t catch me’ . Every one knows right from wrong and if you don’t there was probably something wrong before you even started that first level of Call of duty. That said it is good to have a chilled alternative to the gun raging violence and feel calmed by fluffy  bunnies trying to catch carrots and Orisinal games hits the nail on the head with Halim’s fantasy playground that could sooth any headache and stress.

Feel free to start a lively debate in the comments about violent games, could be entertaining and don’t forget to check out Orisinal if you want to unwind


X xxx


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