15 Uses: Old Jeans

Jeans are such a staple in peoples wardrobe that they seem to take most of the rough and tumble of the year being worn day in day out.  I have  gone through my fair share of jeans and the main problem is rips and tears in and around the crotch area, definitely not a lovely imagine and it doesn’t half give an awful draft . The worst culprit for ruining jeans though is my partner who can’t go longer then a few weeks without destroying his new pair of jeans, either ripping them open, chucking food or coffee all down then or my favourite when he spilled a whole tub of varnish all over 2 week old jeans. So i should have no problem doing any of these 15 uses this week as i have a surplus of the material. Firstly, we are gonna look at turning clothes in to clothes, what better use. Secondly, jeans for housewares and lastly jeans for out an about.

5 uses turning jeans into something you can wear

1. This one isn’t really an upcycle but just a reminder that jeans with holes can be fixed sometimes, basically any where that isn’t the crotch you can cover with a patch. I have tried many times before to sew up holes in the crotch but it just don’t work, you end up ripping them open again. But got a hole in knee? patch it up with a cute little hexagon patch.

2. You only need a small amount of material to make these but line them with some fully material and you’ve got some cute but robust slippers

3. The classic jean upcycle: A skirt. Relatively simple, cut the legs down the inseam through the crotch and then sew together with the opposite leg to make, using the bottoms of the jeans to add more fabric where needed.

4. I don’t particularly like the picture i have used for this one but was the best of a bad bunch. However i think you could make a really sweet denim dress out of old jeans which has a little bit more style then this one.

5. I love this rucksack it would make a brilliant present for someone and is so useful. Even though jeans rip its because they are expected to do alot of work, the shape of the rucksack means there won’t be as much strain on the bag and the bag will be tough as old boots or old jeans at least.

5 homewares

1. A simple pillow can be made with two squares of fabric sewn together right sides facing leaving a smallish hole for you to pull it out the right way. Turn right way out, stuffing with a soft filling and and sew the hole closed.

2. Make this sturdy little foot stool with several shades of denim to make a striking pattern and a place to rest your weary feet.

3. Super simple craft, make denim coasters by rolling thin strips of denim into a circle gluing and various point to secure it. Absorbent for spills and machine washable.

4. Make a patch work rug out of different jeans to create a durable mat for your doorway or hall.

5. Wanna get a bit more adventurous, upholster an old chair with a lot of jeans to make a tired piece of furniture come to life again.

5 crafts for the outdoors

1. Create a comfy seat covering for your bike, a bit my cush for your tush.

2. Make planting buckets, perfect as they will drain easily but keep your plants nice and neat. Roots may start to grow through the fabric but this means it will expand if it needs to, you can then re-pot it in a bigger container.

3. Make a luxurious dog basket/cushion for your pooch, i’m sure they would appreciated it but try not use bits with buttons or zips, as its likely they could chew them off and possibly hurt themselves

4. Planters again but this time with a twist, make a row of trouser pots great for plants with long growing roots.

5. These simple patchwork balls use only six small pieces and i am sure  there are lots of patterns online for the template. Its basically a petal shape.  Great fun for a the garden and your pup might enjoy them too.

Do you hoard your old jeans like me? What do you do with them when they are no longer wearable


X xxx

p.s. Sorry for the excessive crotch mentioning


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