How to package with recycled paper

Whether its a present from a friend or a special something for yourself from an online seller, its always great to see a personal piece of post on the door mat rather then a heap of bills and junk mail. I know in our house whenever there is a handwritten letter or unmarked named parcel there is always shrieks of delight or excitement of what can be inside. So no matter if your a gift giver or online seller why not give that feeling back to your friends, family and customers by making perfectly packaged goods with a personal touch to make the un-opening even more of a amazing experience and for me there is no better way of doing that then reusing and recycling paper which is easy at hand to find and use.


I’m sure that many of you out there are crafty little fellows who love to make cards for special occasions and come up with some beautiful ideas but not every one has the time to make one and a tempting quick buy from the corner shop can be ever so appealing, though often naff, when you’ve forgot its some ones birthday (and you only just noticed it on facebook that morning…..guilty) If you’ve fallen foul of a newsagent then jazz up your card with a handmade envelope. I make envelopes for putting in my business cards, offers and freebies as with my post last week about my special November Offer. Use an unfolded envelope to make a template and cut out a piece of recycled paper to fit. Glue the sides, pop in your card and glue shut the the top fold. Simples. The best thing about this is you can used any type of paper to create a personal envelope, i use old maps because i love the colours and the rustic feel but music sheets, vintage books, and even colourful magazine pages can make a beautiful envelope. Find a page from their fav book or piece of music to really personalise it


You don’t have to buy new wrapping paper to make a present feel special and recycled doesn’t mean dull and boring. If you use your imagination then you can create a breathtaking look by using colours and patterns. If you look around you, you’ll find lots of free paper to use to wrap up parcels and presents. However you can any turn any plain paper in to wonderful wrap without breaking the bank either. A lick of paint can make all the difference, try painting stripes, making a simple circle stamp or spray painting the whole paper in the colour of your choice.  If they gift is themed why not add a few hints of whats inside by decoupaging cut out images on to the paper, or use unique types of paper to wrap it. My favourite examples i found: using interesting seed packets for a gardeners gift or using old pattern pieces to package a present for the seamstress in your life.


Just because you are sending something in the post doesn’t mean it has to be boring and plain, there is no restrictions on what you can use as long as you can clearly see the addressee and the item is protected from the rough and tumble of postal delivery.  I have recently found a new packaging material for my shop and i’m super happy because i’m recycling! My mother in law bought a brand spanking new TV which came in a HUGE box that was filled to the brim with meters upon meters of bubble wrap and brown paper. I instantly pounced upon it because now i have a pretty and eco alternative to buying new packaging plus i sew together the pieces of paper and bubble wrap to make a safe package which means i am less reliant on using glue which is harmful to produce and dispose of. Depending on the thickness of the paper you may want to sew several layers together to make it super strong and use a zig zag type stitch to reinforce it. I you don’t have a ready supply of paper make sure you always re-use old packaging, you can always decorate it to make it more fun and you’ll be helping the planet

Whats your favourite recycled material to use for packaging? Don’t have paper in your house? Think about newspaper, magazines, junk mail, cereal boxes, and old envelopes. Charity shops have lots of big reference books with colourful pages, or how about using scarfs from their bargin bin instead. Small businesses may have surplus packing material or lots of paper waste, if you dont ask you won’t know. The possibilities  are endless.


X xxx


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