Folksy Friday: The Early Bird

Today’s folksy Friday is inspired by the countdown to Christmas and that the best way to get all the gifts ready is through being the early bird and catching the worms/gifts early. I have also recently bought a few things off folksy for family and myself and just love the feeling of shopping on folksy and receiving items through the post. The sellers are always friendly with great customer service and best of all its all handmade made by some one you can actually talk to. You can connect with the maker more then just knowing something is ‘made in china’, there is a story behind every product and it reconnects you to the items you buy and how they are made. So the message of the story: Get in early, buy those presents, buy handmade this Christmas and support a local small time producer.



My pick of the week is the two little love birds in the bottom corner both made of organic merino wool, they make perfectly cute cake toppings, if only the little ceramic bunting saying love was included. Beautiful work from the Felt Menagerie. I adore the robin print from InkMeUp , a lovely simple design but would make me feel so cheery with this hanging up on my wall. Last but not least i would love a sweet little bird box for the garden like this classic one from Wudwerx.  To find all these beautiful creations check out my pinterest Folksy Friday:The early Bird

Enjoy your weekend and my Folksy Finds, while your having a gander dont forget to check out my Folksy shop Maker’s Meadow where every order in November gets a free prize


X xxx


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