15 Uses:Pallets

Not your every day household rubbish but there is always a pallet here and there, dumped at the back of a house or in a skip. If you don’t come across any ask your local tradesmen if they have any, pallets are used to delivery ton of different items so chances are you’ll know business that has some lying around and they’ll be more then happy to let you take them off their hands. Today’s 15 uses will show you some great ideas for heading in from the cold, and displaying your favourite things in your home but there are also ideas for the garden. Just because it’s autumn or winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy working in the Garden, there is plenty to do while you don’t have to tend to your spring and summer plants and get ready for next year.

5 pallet uses for when coming in from the cold.

1. Park your muddy bikes and scooters in upturned pallets, it will keep them upright, out of the way and the rest of your garage or hallway mud free. You could staple gun PVC or plastic lining to the bottom to make it waterproof and mud-proof to protect your floor.

2. Now get your muddy shoes off and put them on an already made shoe rack, from a upright pallet. Simple and easy, screw into your wall for further stability.

3.  Attach hooks and pegs to a couple of upright pallets to create a coat and hat rack. You could even use the bottom as a shoe rack just like no.2.

4. Once your inside and dry, why not snuggle up in a little reading nook made from pallets and a cut to order piece of fabric covered foam. Add your favourite books, some cushions and a throw to make a cuddly place to hang out for the winter

5. Put your hot coco or mulled wine right next to you on a pallet built coffee table. Add a shelf for storage and you could even add wheels to make it easier to move around.

5 Display Ideas

1. An upturn pallet suspended from the ceiling with a few added hooks can make the perfect pan storage with extra room on top for casserole dishes and pots.

2.An upturned pallet with wheels on the bottom and a couple of sheets of glass on top makes a unique coffee table to show off your best books or memorabilia.

3. Make a display case for your favourite pieces of crockery, not only beautiful but a handy storage area. Just make sure you secure it well, you do not want to hear this coming down in  the middle of the night.

4. Make a feature of your bike and hang it on the wall. A couple of bars added to some wall mounted pallets creates the perfect place to store your bike creating a feature rather then being a inconvenient sight

5. Ready made shelving for your kitchen. Keep all your most used herbs, spices and oils to hand with this clever extra storage using vertical space

5 Garden Ideas

1. A porch swing  is a great creative way to use a pallet, a couple of ropes securely attached to the ceiling creates a great space to hang out

2. Pre made decking what could be easier. Sand, paint and varnish the wood to protect it from the weather and make it last for years. The example above even has plants growing through the slats, get creative and you could do so many thing with this material for a patio area.

3. Just like shoe rack this is super easy. Staple gun pvc to the back of a pallet, fill with potting soil and while its laid down, add your fav plants. Pull up and place where you want to create an easy garden arrangement. Its a great way to hide an ugly wall or fence and add some colour to your garden by using vertical space.

4. Treat and protect pallets and they make the perfect garden furniture for sofas or tables.

5. Make a helpful potting table  out of several pallets. Once again make sure you treat the wood to protect it and keep your garden furnishings in top nick for years to come

I can’t wait to make some of these, best find me some pallets but luckily enough i have some one make me a great example just the other week. IF you saw yesterdays post  about sourcing ethical drinks for a party you’ll have seen a snap of it but heres a better view of a bar made out of pallets and a plywood top. Screwed together but with hinges on joining bits so it can fold up for storage. Enjoy. 


X xxx


One thought on “15 Uses:Pallets

  1. These uses of pallets are so inspirational, but Your Bar in the pic is magnificent. I can just imagine it with twirly lights through the bars.The beautiful varnished top is a winner. Why not paint it in colourful stripes too !

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