Good Booze made by Good People

Finding ethical drinks for a party may seem like it might be hard but it was actually one of the easiest things for us to do. Though i am quite fortunate because i’m marrying a brewer. Our criteria was that it must be independent, fair trade or organic as well as within our budget. We opted of course for lots of beer but we also wanted to cater for those who don’t drink beer and those who weren’t drinking at all. There is surprisingly plenty of options for ethical drinks from supermarkets as well as online so as with my previous post about our party food, i’m going to show you where  we got our drinks from and why.

Beer, Beer, Beer

As you can probably expect I got the beer for the party from my soon to be husbands brewery, Geeves Brewery, for obvious reasons. Not only did we get mates rates, we decided the best place to hold the party was the brewery itself, so no transport either. Whether we had the brewery or not though we would have always opted for beer from a micro brewery. They are businesses that need our support and i would always chose these little independent guys over massive brewing companies that charge a premium for their products, make life hard for the tenants of their pubs and use aggressive tactics to put the little guy out of business. The same applied for buying a barrel of cider (or more exactly a bag of cider in a box) We chose a local cider maker, Pure North in Holmfirth, whose orchard is just 30 miles from the brewery. Good for people and the environment and it tasted bloody delicious too. So if you want real ale or cider source out your local producer and i’m sure they could help you out

Wine, wine,wine

Lots of our guests were definitely more into wine and it was alot trickier to get hold of without blowing the budget. There were a few options online from the, the co-operative and waitrose, all fairtrade and looking super tasty but they were either too expensive or they didn’t delivery. So we opted for our local Co-op to buy bottles of wine rather then bag in a box. We got their full range of fairtrade wines red, white and rose (I know the colours, nothing else) and were lucky enough to cash in on a special discount meaning we got a bottle for free.

Tea,Coffee and soft drinks

We got some great offers on soft drinks from the by buying crates of drinks rather then individual. We bought Fairtrade ubuntu Cola and Belvoir Organic Lemonade both in cases, saving around 6% for both. Though most people were drinking alcohol, it was good nearer the end of the night for people to have a soft option for when they started to feel a little peaky after one to many pints of 6% Geeves Fully Laden I.P.A.s ( I’m looking at you Mr Rob Wood <<<<<<Mess) Another good idea is to have tea and coffee for the same reason as above and for any designated drivers . I asked my beloved to go to the local co-op and get a bag of fairtrade coffee and tea bags (as we go through coffee at the rate of knots and non of us drink tea) He comes back with a bag of coffee and a box of 240 tea bags! How many cups of tea did he think we were gonna make in one night. Though i’m sure there is an actual world tea making competition it turns out we would lose because no one had a cup of tea that night. Big box of  tea bags gonna be with us for a long time me thinks.


So there we have it a small but comprehensive list of how we sourced some of the good stuff for our little soiree. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask. The bar with all the beer on was actually made by my future hubby and father out of pallets, pretty nifty i know. It’s also really appropriate as tomorrows 15 uses will be using pallets, so check back tomorrow to see some interesting ways to reuse the humble pallet.


X xxx


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