Look Local: Millies Organic

The best thing you can do when you move to a new town or city is explore and when i first moved to Leeds i did just that in exploration of better places to buy food rather than Morrisons that was smack bang in the centre of town, rammed to the brim constantly and a devil to get a taxi from. I had already found and loved the crazy emporium which is Leeds Kirkgate Market but you can’t find everything there. So i took to the streets to find a Chinese supermarket to find some much needed Laksa Paste, which i adore. I eventually found one and have since become firm friends but a couple of doors down i stumbled across another delightful store with much more charm then the bright Red Asian supermarket and this little store was Millies Organic.

You walk in to find a beautiful display of fresh organic vegetables, fruit, meat and artisan breads and a handy fridge with local milk and butter. No need to go all the way to the other side of the store to get your essentials like most supermarkets. The rest of the store is set up normally enough with a dried goods aisle full to the brim with Millies own packaged goods, like flours, rices, pastas, nuts and dried fruits that are all very reasonably priced and cheaper in a lot of cases compared to most shops. They then have a corner of teas, coffees and spreads many of which arn’t the norm, good to try something different, including a huge range of a Bracken Hill Farm’s  chutneys and jams some of which i recently bought. The Boxing Day Chutney is lush!

They have a decent range of household products and large collection of beauty and health products, not to mention the fact they also have an in store beauty parlour. You see this is not just any store. Though i haven’t ventured into the salon myself, they offer the normal grooming of unwanted hair and spray tans as well as makeovers and massage. All of which are carried out using natural and organic products. The treatment packages on offer are no more expensive than your average chemical spilling ‘spa’ but your safe in the knowledge of the products they use and if they’re as friendly as the shop staff your on to a winner.

But there is also more… It’s a deli and cafe too. It may be small but it’s got a great range of fresh and healthy food for you to take-away or sit in with a coffee. It has a little area to sit or while its sunny you can sit outside and watch the busy Leeds street life. No matter what they do as a business they seem to be constantly striving to maintain their commitment to local, organic and natural products, which is ever admirable and encouraging to see in a small businesses in a climate where big companies are not doing the same.

As with all organic at the moment Millie’s items tend to be pricier than your regular products but more people buying will eventually bring the prices down as organic becomes the norm. However Millie’s has been able to offer plenty of essentials at a cheaper price then you would think for a store of such ethics. It is clearly a place that you can not judge by its cover and assume that because it is dedicated to its principles it must cost the earth. So bravo for creating a green shopping haven in the middle of a city and your cheese counter is pretty sweet ass too!


X xxx

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