Freaky Folksy Friday

To get you in the mood for next weeks spooky festivities, Halloween if you didn’t know, i have an array of scary and freaky goodies for you to get your teeth in to. From zombies to Witches, these classic ideas with a twist, may in spire your costume or some decorations for any halloween parties you are dying to go to.

Loving the Magician portrait by Twinkle & Gloom Art’s tatty trunk of things, would make a great centre piece or a feature picture above the fire place for a freak circus sideshow party. The guillotine T-shirt would make the perfect present for the lads, dark but still a cool top. My fav this week though is the All Girls Witch Academy Sign, reminds me of the worst witch, great little books and TV programmer from the 90s. Would be cool to hang in your hallway or window so little trick or treaters know whats in store.
Happy Halloween


X xxx


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