15 uses: Newspapers and Magazines

The internet has enabled people to view the news and all the info they need in the click of the button but there are still many of us who love to get the daily or weekly press at our finger tips and buy a newspaper and some prefer to browse the best clothes in a magazine rather then trawl the shop or the Internet for their perfect little black dress. With that and the countless junk mail, leaflets, flyers and circulars that get pushed through your letter box every day it can feel like your drowning under mountains of paper waste but fear not help is at hand. Turn that junk into something for your house, some thing for the yourself or something to celebrate upcoming Christmas.

5 Housewares to make

1. Use an unsightly pile of magazines to make storage for unsightly clutter, there are many shapes and sizes to use but I like this round one with the lid the best, perfectly made and fits right in.

2. Store up all your broad sheet newspapers, roll several sheets up in to tubes, secure with tape and you have a ready made building material for light furniture. Simply glue together the pieces and cover or paint to suit your room.

3. A simple technique again by layer up lots of pieces of newspaper or magazine you can create a thick and sturdy frame for photos or a mirror just make it in the dimensions you need to just cover the edge of the object you highlighting and glue in place, add a loop to the back and a picture hook to the wall to hang. Just make sure the glue is extra strong you don’t want anything falling off your wall on to some ones head

4. Use brightly coloured magazine pages to make a collection of coasters for your coffee table. Weave strips of coordinating colours and glue any edges to make a smooth square. Protect your table and the planet at the same time

5. If you wanna go for something super unique, use the most interesting pieces of newspaper print with the best headlines to wall paper a room. I would probably go for a feature wall rather then a whole room just in case it ends up horribly naff.

5 ideas for paper fashion

1. Make a faux leather bag out of brown glossy pages. A basic long rectangle folded to create front, bottom, back and flap could be used with two side panels glued to it. Add a fabric lining for more luxury and some handles. A lot of attention to securing each piece should be paid to make it a strong and secure bag.

2. Roll lengths of coloured paper into beads securing the ends with glue, string together with ribbon or wire to make bracelets or necklaces. Use elastic for a easy way to make Jewellery without needing to add a fastening

3. Weave pieces of paper together like the coasters above for another interesting way to create paper Jewellery. Add hooks or string to create the look you want.

4. Many designers have experimented with paper for their dresses and the one I’ve chosen as an example is no less elaborate or creative. You could make a dress for yourself for a special event or if your a fashion student do a whole collection to wow your professors. The easiest way I can imagine doing it is to use a simple cotton dress and hand sew individual pieces of paper on to build up layers and layers till you have the desired effect.

5.If a wholes dress seems a little crazy why not go simple and use newspaper words for nail decoration. Apply a layer of nail varnish of your colour choice, white looks good in the picture and will show up best but do experiment, place on cut out newspaper words that you want and wait to dry. Seal with a clear nail varnish and your good to go.


5 Christmas decorations ideas

1. A Christmas tree made with rolled cones of newspaper and attached to a long stick. Work from the bottom with more cones and work up using less and less cones to create the iconic pine tree shape, finish with a paper star or angel on top

2. Make another simple Christmas tree by cutting out squares of newspaper and threading the centres through a wooden skewer secured to your table or mantel with putty or glued to a festive plate. Start placing the squares on the skewer using the biggest squares first and leading up to the top getting smaller and smaller.

3. Make star decorations by rolling paper into little circles and gluing in place, use lengths of paper to make the spikes. Thread ribbon or golden thread through the top point to make a decoration for your tree.

4. Cover a cardboard ring shape in cut leaves to create a wreath for inside or your front door. Spray paint green, gold or even red to make it super festive.

5. Wanna just go for the simple green craft, make bows for your presents out of magazine lengths

Recycling paper seems to be so easy now, it was the first new bins that people got at home for recycling and there was always a paper bin at the bottle bank as well, but why just recycle when you can up-cycle instead. Check out my pinterest board 15 uses: newspapers and magazines for any tutorials
Enjoy your Thursday people

X xxx


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