My Extra Special Bunting: She Asked….

Bunting can be a easy but satisfying craft that can quickly titivate the house, garden or a party! There are lots of tutorials to make bunting and lots of shops that stock ready made ones as the vintage tea party continues to be in vogue but i thought i would do my own take on it because i have made an extra special one for mine and Harry’s Engagement party (which i talked about here) The basis of this is to display a message rather then just to prettify the party area, and my unusual message is She Asked.. He Said Yes because it was the 29th February (the traditional date for when women can propose) that i asked Harry to marry me rather then the other way round. So i created this banner to celebrate this story and Harry and I as a couple.

1. You will need: A sewing machine, Scissors or rotary cutter, pinking shears, two coloured fabrics, one preferably white and one other colour, some thread to match your coloured fabric,  the same amount of pegs plus 2 as you have need fabric triangles. String or ribbon to hang. Create a template out of what ever you have to hand, cardboard is easy but you can end up slicing in to it.

2.Cut out as double as many white pieces of fabric as you need to spell out your phrase and as many coloured pieces to create spaces and to add to the beginning and end of the banner. If using a rotary cutter you can cut around the template if using scissors draw around the template first then cut.

3. Use a sewing machine with your coordinating coloured thread with a zig zag stich to write the letters on each piece of bunting. Mark the letters on the fabric with a pencil or tailors chalk if it is easier. You cut out double the fabric so you can sew the letters through two pieces of fabric, this will make it easier to work with and not damage your machine, plus you won’t get super frustrate when one piece won’t work every time you come to sew.

4. This is more simple then sewing the bunting to a length of ribbon and i think it adds a quirky vintage touch to it. Attach each letter to a piece of string or ribbon with the pegs, attaching in between two pieces of bunting so the letters are clearly visible and holds it all together well.

5.  Tie loops in the end of the string or ribbon and attach to where you want to decorate. Ours will be going along the bar at our do and we split it in to two banners. There you have it a sweet banner to say exactly what you want at your party!

Looking forward to the party and expect a few more up dates this week including how we shopped ethically for our food and drink  and how to create a magical seating tent.

Good night or good day depending on where you are in the world


x xxx


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