Folksy Friday: Creative Recyclers & Upcyclers

In tribute to my earlier post this week about my products being showcased by Emily Found a Thing, this weeks Folksy Friday is celebrating the amazing recyclers and upcyclers of the folksy world. Turning discarded every day objects into a new and exciting items for you to use at home. As i reuse and recycle materials to make my shops creations  i love that there is a whole network of crafters who really aspire to make their work as green as possible. I is such an important issue today and i think the handmade movement is waves ahead of the corporate factory world when it comes to environmental protection. If buying items for your home or gifts for your loved ones wouldn’t you like to know that a) the money you pay is going straight to the designer/maker/crafter and their family and b) you haven’t damaged the world in the process. This idea to me is what i work towards everyday. True, its not always possible and its a sad thought that the only reason is money but with the creations below there are plenty of lovely bits and  bobs that are beautiful,green and affordable. So lets take a look.

I had to of course include my own Malt Sack Apron because i’m a creative recycler and proud! In the bottom left corner is a Hippo trophy peg or coat hook from  Emily Found a Thing, it is so quirky and funny it makes me laugh when i look at it, i can imagine how fun it is to go find these little plastic critters just to find the right one. I love the reclaimed buffing wheel coffee tables that come from Reclaimed Interiors who have taken these old buffing wheels used to shine the silverwear that was made in Sheffield factories and made them into beautiful tables for the home or even a business. There is so much industrial waste from wood and metal to the bricks and timbers of deserted factories, its great to see some one reclaiming and reusing these precious resources. My favourite of the week though is the Bob Marley & the Wailers Vinyl Clock created by When the Music Stops, its fun, bright and a brilliant use for old vinyl plus who doesn’t love a bit of Bob Marley


X xxx


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