15 Uses: Plastic Containers

Plastic fantastic. Another installment of 15 uses brings us back to plastic recycling. This week its plastic containers from food or cosmetics and i know at one point i will also be doing a 15 uses: Plastic bottles. The themes for this one start with another classic recycling use…..duh duh dah!!!!!!! STORAGE. Standard but essential and there are so many different storage solutions available from upcycling waste. I also have 5 unusual uses with cut out plastic and 5 ideas for the fashionista who is green at heart.

5 Storage ideas

1. Stationary storage standard but i love the simple beauty of having coloured pencils all grouped together. This would be a great way of bringing in recycling to the classroom in a simple way.

2. No crafting needed, just find a deep plastic tray and you’ve got ready made craft storage!

3. Make tidying up more fun for your kids. Find deep plastic containers like detergent bottles and paint or cover in bright colours to make tidying up toys easy.

4. Cut out the top and holes for handles to make a quick weather proof peg basket to hang on your washing line. Remember line drying is better for the environment.

5. Though i would probably never have that many nails, you could use containers with handles to store all those little bits and bobs that are loose and can get easily lost. Paint and colour them to suite your rooms.

5 Unusual ideas with cutting out plastic

1. Use coloured plastic cut into circles and holed pieces to created a mobile or a door screen by stringing together the pieces with thread till you get the desired length

2. This is my favourite because it is so simple. Cut out a milk bottle as shown to create a shovel or dust pan. Brilliant, simple idea

3. Cut away part of a bottle with a hole at the top to create a drip tray for your barrel or juicer. Especially handy for parties so you don’t have to worry about spills and you can get on with enjoying yourself

4. Use lots of shaped containers and glue to a board to create a personalised office station for all your tools and stationary. Spray paint the finished result to create a matt look without the faff of a paintbrush in little nooks and crannies

5. A simple cut out shampoo or lotion bottle decorated with paper or fabric creates a perfect tidy way for a phone and its charger at a socket.

5 Ideas for the Green Fashionista

1. Cut out shampoo bottles with a little popper button attached to a flap to create a cute little coin purse.

2. This is a brilliant idea and can be adapted to make anything. Plastic can be shrunk in the oven to create strong plastic jewellery pieces. You can use marker pens to create a design on the plastic and punch holes in the thin plastic where it is needed. The plastic is then shrunk and creates a firm piece for you to add links to create a bracelet or a hook to create earrings.

3. More Shrink plastic ideas. These whimsical buttons could add charm to a boring cardigan or shirt. Remember to not place the holes too close to the edge as they could easily crack

4. One more shrink plastic. A simple necklace with a carefully cut piece and an added splash of colour, find some ribbon and there you have it.

5. Shampoo Bottles with the tops cut off and decorated with fabric or paper make lovely decorative wall organisers or could even be used to create a lovely flower display.

Plastic is extremely bad for the environment, so we should cut down on how much we buy, thinking about both the products we buy and the packaging. There are plenty of resources to help you getting to a plastic free life here http://myplasticfreelife.com/ but for many of us we still have lots of plastic in our homes so at least with the ideas above you can upcycle them when their first use is over


X xxx


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