How to annoy the dog


I love my mother in laws little dog, heidi but i don’t think she likes me all the time. When she comes and sits in my craft room i find i get easily distracted, play with her then want to dress her up. It started off with a ribbon here a ribbon there and then after she tried to gobble my hat shaped pin cushion i ended spending a quick half an hour whipping up a little hat to attach to her purely for my amusement. Procrastination to the max.

1. Cut 2 circles of fabric of the same size and 1 smaller cardboard circle. You will also need some wadding, a length of ribbon that will wrap around your dogs head plus a little longer, a little velcro strips and thread in the same or similar colour to your fabric.

2. Stitch a loose running stitch through the edge of each circle, slipping the cardboard disc into one of them. Pull the thread together to create a tight seal around the cardboard and for the other circle stuff with the wadding then pull the thread tight and tie off.

3. Stitch the velcro pieces to each end of the ribbon and then sew the middle of the ribbon to the bottom of the fabric covered cardboard.

4. You can now stitch the top and the bottom of the hat together, it doesn’t matter if you can see the stitches as you can tie a ribbon around the gap to cover it and add more charm.

5. Attach to your dog and try get them to sit still long enough for you to take a photo


Its fair to say that this was a success, for 5 minutes that is. After quickly managing to take a picture, she shook her head to get it off then ripped it apart. :( Sewed it back together but wasn’t gonna let her get her teeth into it again so now its my second hat shaped pin cushion for me to use for Heidi’s next amazing costume…..On second thoughts maybe not. At least i got to use up some scrap material :D



X xxx



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