It all turned out alright in the end

You know that horrible experience when your taking out the rubbish, you pull up the bin liner by the tie handles and as your about to seal the deal one of the handles rips spilling, mouldy potato peelings or a smelly old carton on to the floor? Well this of all annoyances happened to me the other day so i proceeded to get another liner from a new pack we had just bought and as I went to double bag the first offending liner BOTH handles ripped off!!!! (blame is on us for buying cheap bags) Luckily we had some bigger ones lurking under the sink but what was I gonna do with a whole roll of crap bin liners????? Chuck them away? Hell no, i instantly thought of a perfect party idea to use them for. POM POMS. As we are having a party next month i have been thinking of ways to decorate on the cheap without looking like trash, no pun intended. The texture of the bin liners looks like tissue paper and although pink isn’t my colour a bit of spray paint and it makes them appear like they are glowing in the centre. So heres how you do it.

1. Cut off handles and the sealed bottom and open the bag out into one big rectangle which is two layers

2. Fold the bag in half vertically and then fold it horizontally so you have 8 layers, cut the edges of the rectangle so that no folds remain and to neaten it up

3. Accordion fold the plastic till you have a thin bar, does not matter how big the fold is you can experiment for different effects and a range of shapes and sizes look good. Kinda like snow flake making. Tie a piece of string round the centre and leave a long strand so you can tie it to the ceiling and snip both ends into a point.

4. Gently peel each layer apart and pull the pompom into the shape you want.

5. Hang in your desired area and arrangement and you have pretty and super cheap party decor.

We spray painted them roughly with green spray paint to match our party colours but with light coming from above makes them look like they are glowing from inside. They look great and i am so happy i could use up those silly bin bags.


X xxx


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