Folksy Fridays: A Whole different Kettle of Fish

This weeks Folksy Friday is based on the phrase A whole different kettle of fish. I love finding favourite items and artists on Folksy. It is inspiring to me to find products which are handmade that i didn’t know where made like that other then mass produced. You can find so many every day items with an added character and you can equally find unusual pieces of art and craft that you couldn’t possibly find any where else. Its a place that definitely brings together craft, art and design for both functional and decorative pieces.

My top picks for today are the sea cow picture by Sophie Sew, it is simplistic but beautiful, and the ‘racy tea set’ by Martin Dickens ‘Potter’, a expensive item but worth every penny by the look of the craftsmanship and design. My super fav though is the Storm tea towel by Hello Wilson, her shop is full of lovely prints, cards and bags with brilliant colour pops and drawings so do check it out. If you would like all the links, check out my pinterest board Folksy Fridays: A different kettle of fish


X xxx


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