15 Uses: Tin Cans

Another week another piece of household waste to upcycle and this week its tin cans. Almost all of us buy at least some thing for the kitchen in a tin can, for our kitchen it tends to be plum tomatoes, kidney beans and sweet corn. There is of course more unusual tins other then your baked beans can, like sardine tins, tinned meat cans and large round flatter tins like Fray Bentos pies (guilty pleasure) all of which can be reused for all manner of bits and bobs. Old paint cans can also be used to for some of the ideas below and have the added bonus that they come with resealable lids. If you are going to use tin cans for up cycling remember to clean them out thoroughly and sand any cut edges so you don’t gut yourself on them. The collections today are based on storage, flower displays and fun art ideas.

5 ideas for storage
A common idea for tin cans is using them for storage as they have a sturdy shape. Depending on the use keep the designs on the cans or re decorate them to suite the mood

1. This one is perfect for paint cans with lids. Decorate and fill with goodies to make an inexpensive and pretty gift for friends or family. The one pictured is for mothers day but i can imagine lots of ideas for stocking gifts and mini presents. Thinking of a mini maker up and nail collection for my bridesmaids.

2. Decorate and add labels to tins to make storage for dried teas or spices to keep them fresh

3. Large tins with middle stem like a cake stand makes excellent storage for larger craft pieces. Sweet tins from Christmas are good for the bottom layer and smaller ones for the top

4. Kitchen cans with nice labels can be kept to hold utensils and cutlery in for a vintage or kitsch feel.

5. More stationary storage but on its side. Creates more space for your desk or worktop and you can see more of pretty designs.

5 Ideas for Flower and Plant Displays

1. My favourite idea and looks beautiful and simple. Tin can herb garden for your kitchen. Position on a wall near your kitchen window and you need never miss out on fantastic fresh herb flavours for your dishes

2. Received a beautiful bouquet but no vase to put it in. Decorate a can to match or contrast with the flowers and if you don’t have a big enough one then split the arrangement in to several and place around the home.

3. Attach chains or ropes to tin cans and suspend from the roof with flowers of your choice to create unique party decor

4. Attach old tin cans to a wooden beam or keep on the floor to make rustic alternative planters for your garden. I love that they rust in the rain, the colour sets off the green of the plants

5. Same as creating a vase but use lots to create a floral table runner or center piece for a special party or sit down dinner.

5 Ideas for can art

1. Carefully cut open, bend and spray paint cans to create metal flowers for your garden, perfect for urban yards or gardens to brighten up walls or fences without spending a fortune.

2. Use the bottoms of tins as mini canvases to create mini master pieces. I love these tin can people, using the colourful sides of cans for their little bodies

3. Pun holes to create a picture lantern. Another one to be super careful with, most tutorials say to freeze water in the can to make it sturdy and then use a hole puncher or bradle  and hammer. Add a tea light and a way you go. Note: don’t leave candles unattended, safety first you know

4. Create more little robots with other recycled bits and pieces and you can create a whole family of art work

5. Along with the flowers why don’t you add a tin can man to your garden. The rust adds charm and you can pretend you’ve been transported to the land of OZ you just need to pave your garden path with Yellow Bricks.

This is a little sardine can i use to store all my little bits and bobs for my sewing machines. I cover the top with a little piece of material that has elastic threaded round the edge to make a little lid for my little tin. This is know way as grand or exciting as all the ideas above but it serves its purpose and it matches my sewing box plus its recycled? Remember that all the tutorials are listed on my pinterest board 15 uses: Tin Cans. Is there any household items or waste you’d like to see me find 15 uses for?


X xxx

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4 thoughts on “15 Uses: Tin Cans

  1. Cheers Stephen, though can’t take all the credit but the can man is definitely a fav here as well. Will hopefully be attempting him and some tin can planters sometime the winter so there nice and rusty for next summer x xxx

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