Time for a Party, The Basic Essentials

I love a party and if i am honest, sad as it is to admit it, i love the planning probably even more then the actual event. Me and my family have always put on great parties for birthdays, especially themed ones as above with my Mad Hatters 21st, and always did it on a small budget with success. Next month i will be putting on a massive party on my own to celebrate mine and Harrys engagement. Excited and nervous at the same time because there is so much to do and alot could go wrong. So to easy my nerves and show my enjoyment of the planning i will be sharing with you my planning process over the next month. Would love some feed back  from you folks too.

The first things you need to know when planning a party are

1. Who: Who you want and how many you want/can have

2. Where: Your venue will depend on your budget, the location, how many people you want and how you want it to look. From home to big venues you have to consider this

3. How Much???  The budget is so important because no matter how good your party is you don’t want a hangover in the morning down to money rather then booze.

4. When? Obviously you and your guest need to know when the party is. You will then know how long you have till you panic over whether the vol au vons will be done in time

5. Theme: Not essential but for me its a must. Not only can it be for fancy dress but it is also about the mood you want to set rather than just decoration.

Find these things out and then you can start looking at the details more closely: Drink, Food, Decoration, Entertainment. Harry and I have invited 70+ people (mainly my massive family) and plan to have a buffet table and bar. We have a large budget for us but relatively small for the amount of guests with have. Our only stipulation is that we want to source our food and drink from ethical sources whether they be independent, local, organic, environmentally friendly or fair trade producers. It will cost more and be harder to source but its what we want as a couple and probably would make us physically sick if we went to Tesco because its ‘easier’. Blurgh!

Any questions for an ethical minded party? Really happy to share ideas and would love to know more ideas. Would any one be interested in how my family and I created the wonderland party in the top photo?


X xxx


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