15 Uses: Cardboard boxes

Ah the humble cardboard box, from postage to cereal, tea bags to white goods, many many things come in these mundane big and little brown and white boxes. Many people recycle postage boxes for the ease of re-posting items and gifts, for my shop  i always try and use used boxes for my packaging, big fan of the cereal box turned inside out. A trip to your local supermarket and you often can get all the boxes you need for moving home. Recycling is superb but i think that upcycling its so much more exciting, and with the amount of waste cardboard you can find in the world the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating. This week i will be looking at practical uses, pretty uses and some just darn fun ideas for kids to enjoy the most out of that washing machine box.

5 Storage Uses for Cardboard

1. Lay pieces of Cardboard together and create customised slots for a catch it all organiser for the the front door, mail, keys, you could even make it a docking station for your mobile by threading your charger through a hole.

2. Create a simple drawer organiser with slotted cardboard, pretty it up with some nice fabric or paper

3.  Use larger boxes to create a unit storage area or book shelves. Take that Ikea!

4.  The most simple recycling, cover a cut cereal box in paper and you’e got a handy magazine rack

5.  Uses little bits and pieces of cardboard to create a stationary organiser that fits the pieces you need.

5 Pretty and Creative ideas

1. If your feeling particularly creative then make some amazing art work for your home or create your own art gallery for  recycling only artists.

2. Use layers of cardboard wrapped with yarn to make attractive but cheap place name decor for parties

3. Want a beautiful chandlier for your living room or banquet hall???? make one out of cardboard and spend your money elsewhere such as on the caviar

4. Create a simple cake stand for a party or to house your jewellery just paint it in the colours of your choice and your good to go

5. This beautiful necklace is so unusual and probably quite easy to make, sorry to the etsy shop this is off but it is simple.

5 Imaginative Ideas for Children

You can really create something magical for children to play with out of nothing. it doesn’t have to be perfect their imagination will do the rest.

1. A castle is the first thing I could think of to make, it just opens up so much possibility for play. You could also make any manner of building for your little ones, houses, fire station, little grocery shop, it just depends what your child loves and what it could teach them along the way

2. Create some sort of transport for the little cardboard town you make, Air planes, cars, boats, and these too can be themed for your tikes, How bout a pirate ship for your mini captain hook and peter pan

3. For the younger ones how about a toy storage box? Cutting shapes in the box to fit the various toys also turns tidying up into a fun, stimulating game.

4. A Wendy House, what more can you want? So easy to build and probably more fun to make than you think. There’s also even more chance to recycle other materials such as scrap paper for wallpaper, or why not even actually use leftover wallpaper from your own house?

5. Kitchen appliances – get ’em started young and they’ll be Michelin starred by the age of 12. This doesn’t just stop at cookers too, pretty much anything in the kitchen could be made out of cardboard boxes, from fridges to microwaves.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks 15 uses, the last collection makes me want to have children right NOW so i can make them some of these exciting toys. Any one frequently upcycle their carboard other then postage?


X xxx


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