Folksy Friday: Squeaky Clean

If you don’t already know what Folksy is then you should if you get to know it as soon as possible if you love handmade products with a personal touch. Very much like the American website Etsy, Folksy is a British website shopping platform for British designers and makers who design and craft inspiring pieces of handmade work. It is the platform i chose to launch my shop Maker’s Meadow from and i am very happy with it. Being a relatively new website, starting in 2008, it hasn’t the numbers yet that Etsy has, nor does it have the range of products as it is only for British creators, doesn’t allow food sales or vintage unless upcycled but i think it is the perfect place to showcase work simply because it is about supporting your local workers in Britain, even though i fully support all creators around the world. To celebrate this fact, i am going to choose my favourite products in a theme each week  and maybe you’ll find something you like your self. This week is Squeaky Clean, the best products for the bathroom and scrub dub dubbing!

My favourite is the bath board from Hudson Carpentry Furniture, perfect for reading a book in the bath. I would love to try the healing hand balm from The Handmade Home and i’m sure Harry would love the pint shaped shaving foam from Scent Cosmetics , definitely a good gift idea. Shush don’t tell him. Like something here i’d snap it up quick, as i said earlier in the week, start thinking about Christmas presents early and you could save alot of stress and shave alot of the bills (Wahee! terrible joke). For links to all the products check out my Pinterest Board, Folksy Fridays: Squeaky Clean. Also don’t forget to check out Maker’s Meadow.


X xxx


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