15 Uses: Glass Bottles

Another common find in the bin, the glass bottle is at the forefront of recycling as there has been for a long time places to recycle both in home collections and at aptly named bottle banks. The finds today are generally made up of beer and wine bottles and various ways to upcycle rather then recycle them. I haven’t included any ideas for reusing them for homemade food stuffs as there will be plenty of Christmas gift ideas that i will be showing in the next few months that will. Depending on what you drink, some of you may have a few more bottles then others. Point in case for me and the family who like our beer.


5 Ideas for Glass Bottle Decorations 

1. These little terraniums are really special and more so in the vintage style bottles, but you don’t need fancy ones, any clear bottles can be used and they will be immediately transformed into beautiful decorations

2. Simply wrap coloured yarn or ribbon around your bottle and glue the ends in place to make home decor to suit your colours of choice

3. Use interesting bottles as vases to have greenery in the house without an overtly feminine look.

4. Vases again or decoration, paint different bottles in the colour or colours of your event or home to make a lovely centerpiece or focal point

5. Attach wire round the bottle neck, make sure its really secure, attach to a beam inside or branches outside, pour in a little water and add a beautiful flower and you have a wonderful and unusual party display.


5 Ideas for Cut Glass Bottles

Always remember to sand the edges of the cut or you’ll end up slicing someones face off!

1. Off come the tops of interesting beer bottles and you have tumblers to drink more beer from.

2. The Bottoms of bottles become a beautiful stained glass window charm or up scale it and create a full window

3.Get even greener by planting a little shrub or herbs in a upside down bottle in its bottle bottom (try saying that drunk) add a little water and the plant will do the rest

4. Similar but more fancy then number 1. and turn a wine bottle into a wine glass.

5. Cut bottles into several different heights to create a candle feature

5 Ideas Constructing with Bottles

1. Feeling adventurous???? How about you make an entire room or even a house from glass bottles. Literally amazing stuff.

2. Feeling less adventurous but still super creative, make some matching glass bottle lamps.

3. This will be one i shall hopefully make in the near future. Bottle bookcase!

4. A stunning chandlier, definately liking the lighting ideas today

5. Make a practical and pretty bordered garden for all your hopefully organic homegrown veg


Out of these which is your favourite? or have you made something better? For any of the tutorials check out my pinterest board 15 Uses: Glass Bottles


X xxx



3 thoughts on “15 Uses: Glass Bottles

  1. Love! Who knew beer bottles could be so classy?! Sadly, I must admit that I have only decorated with the least creative of these methods: straight up sticking faux flowers into vodka bottles. Maybe this weekend, I’ll collect a few new bottles to experiment with :)

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