Thrifty + Nifty Food: Packet of Pastry

Today i have another two easy recipes for you to try out. Following on from last weeks Tip 2# Bulk buys for many meals, i am using a main ingredient for two meals and introducing the tip of this week Tip 3# Meal plan with Lunch in mind. It’s easier to plan evening meals because you know most of the time when you’ll be in, who else in the house it there and that you’ll have enough time to make something delicious. Lunch on the other hand often gets rushed or even forgotten if we don’t plan ahead. So today’s post has one recipe for dinner and one you can cook at the same time for lunch over the next few days


Spring Onion and Broad Bean Tart

I already had per made puff pastry as it was on special offer but it is really easy to make your own just flour, butter and water. I added spring onion and broad beans because that’s what we had but as with all thrifty and nifty recipes you can mix it up to reuse those left overs and create some new tasty sensations. Kinda hard to judge how many broad beans because I buy them in their pods so you don’t know how many your gonna get out so I say use a small bowl full or whatever you have.

Ingredient, serves 4

250g puff pastry, pre made or hand made
20 spring onions
A small bowl of broad beans poded but still in their outer shells
1 tbsp of olive oil
Lashings of black pepper

1. Roll out your pastry so that it is just bigger than the baking tray your going to use. You want it quite thin so it puffs up. Fold a little bit of the edge back in on it’s self to form a rim
2. Chop the ends off the spring onions and take off any tough outer layers. If you have quite large spring onions you can slice them in half length ways to make them all the same size
3. Pod the broad beans and steam them for about 5 minutes or boil them for 3 minutes. Cool them off in a colander with running cold water. You can now squeeze them out of their outer cases. I use my nail to peel back a bit of the end without the sprouting part and use the other hand to push the bean out of its case from the sprouting end.

4. Put the spring onions and broad beans in a bowl and sprinkle the olive oil and pepper over them. Then transfer them to the pastry.

5. Pop it in the oven at about 200 degrees or gas mark 6 for 25 minutes and bobs your uncle!

6. I served mine with a simple salad but i goes really well with a small bowl of tomato soup to dunk the tart edges in.


Pack up pasty

Or packed lunch for most people, i’ve just always called it your pack up but anyway. This is even simpler to make and means you’ve got your lunch ready made for the next few days, plus what you put in it is completely your choice.


As much pastry as you have to hand and you may as well make as many as you can

Fillings of whatever kind.
Classic cheese and onion
Celery and Cheese
Left over Stew
Spicy Chickpeas

the possibilities are endless.

1. Roll out the pastry you to your desired size, small for loads of mini bites and bigger for more substantial lunches

2. Pop your fillings on one side of your pastry, don’t over load it too much

3. Fold over the Edges, crimping to keep the filling in

4. Whack in the oven along with your tart and there you have it. Two meals in one and probably extra.




Does any one else make there own lunch to  take to work, uni or schools? Whats your favourite thing to make? Please leave a comment


X xxx


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