It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Well its not quite Christmas yet but if you love Christmas like i do and don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount in the shops in December then its best to start planning now. Even though i love the presents and the food and the pretty lights, i definitely know that spending lots of money on one day for things you chuck out half the time is silly. So when it comes to my Christmas spending i look to wholesome, green, fairly traded and thrifty gifts and decorations that mean something to people and are useful. For the next few months i will slowly build up all the things i need for a fab Christmas and here are the main tips i suggest.

1. Know your Gifts

Make a list now of all the people you want to buy presents for and decide how much you can and want to spend on them. My next step is to decide on exactly what i want to buy them or the theme i want to work around. I myself like to do gift baskets around a theme. You can buy bits and bobs throughout the months to create a lovely collection of pressies, just don’t forget to put it in a nice container with some decoration. Think about what your friend or family member really likes or what they really need.  Me and my sister once put together a holiday pack for my Mum as she was going on holiday(escaping the winter) in January. We got her a luggage/passport cover set, book and eye mask for the plane, Citronella candle to keep the bugs away, guide book….you get the picture. If you think about gifts a bit before you can pick them up for cheaper and if your making any yourself you will have them finished in time.

2. Let it Glow

Get out your decorations if you’ve got some and go through them chucking away any broken bits and making sure you have what you want. If you don’t, why not make them rather then running out to the shop to get any old piece of plastic covered in glitter. I will sharing some posts throughout the next few months on making my own decorations as we have moved house and would like to decorate it ourselves. Once again if you start now you can pick things up for cheaper or make your own and you’ll be done in time for santa.

3. Time for tasty things

Same advise as before, buy early and you could save on the little snacks and big meals for over the holidays. You can stock up on dried goods when on offer, like crackers, biscuits and chocolates and freeze anything perishable up to two months before to keep it ready for the Christmas table.

I will be posting more Christmas updates in the coming months but if you want a thrifty & Green Christmas like moi then your homework is to find out who your gonna buy for, what your gonna buy them and your budget, what food and what decorations you need and your budget for that.

So people are you early robin or late turkeys when it comes to Christmas preparation? If you haven’t already don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more updates.


X xxx


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