15 Uses: Plastic Bags

Unless your an absolute saint, you will always end up with plastic bags somewhere in your house, probably under the sink. We all know that plastic bags are super evil simply because they take forever to bio degrade in the landfill and birdies try and swallow them up, choke and die. Silly Silly. We use a whopping 500 Million plastic bags world wide each yeah and for most of us they are lurking somewhere even if we consciously try to reduce how many we use. But fear not as there is lots you can do with them to give them a second, third or even fourth life before they are finally chucked. Many of us use them to carry our lunch to work, keep sports clothes or muddy wellies off floors and seats or using as liners for waste paper bins, If you don’t already please do. As we have a little dog we use them as a poop scoop. Definitely only a one time use though. These are all great, simple ideas but you can get much more creative and practical. So here is a run down of my top ways to reuse plastic bags.

5 Ideas for Fused Plastic Bags

The easiest way to fuse plastic bags is to cut the handles and the bottoms off each bag, layer together about 4 bags/8 layers and iron on a medium heat while the plastic is in between 2 pieces of paper. You do this so the plastic doesn’t melt on to your iron. They should be fused after about 5 minutes of pushing the iron round the paper slowly and making sure all areas are covered. If they haven’t fused by then, carry on for a few more minutes especially over looser bits. If you can, do this outdoors or failing that a room with lots of ventilation. I found out the hard way with a really big headache. Silly Silly.

1.  You can use fused plastic just like fabric. Create a laptop, ipad or mobile case to protect  and prettyfie it.

2. Use a mix of colourful and white plastic bags to make cute bunting for the garden or a party

3. A Classic but my favourite, make bags into a bag. Grocery bags will stop you getting supermarket bags in the first place but then how are you gonna make the rest of these great crafts.

4. This i think is more complicated then the tutorial makes out but these shoes are so cool. Probably more slippers then outdoor ware depending on what you use for the sole

5. Inexpensive and easy to clean, a Plastic bib. Get your baby green early.

5 Ideas for Plastic Yarn

Another simple way to transform plastic. You cut the plastic into lengths and loop them together to form yarn. This is a good tutorial to make it.

1. A fancy rug for indoors or perfect for a door mat.

2. A classic for the crocheting world and more bags from bags. There a loads of patterns online for bags of all shapes and sizes

3. Recycled coasters for the table, keeping green and your table clean

4. Fun for the kids or adults, get skipping with an easy rope, use electrical taped for comfortable and pretty handles

5. Out of all the yarn projects online this has got to be my favourite. A crochet clock!

  5 Pretty Plastic Ideas

1. Simple and sweet pom pom for present decoration

2. If you’ve got the imagination and the skills why not make some art and frame it. This fishy is very delicate but beautiful

3. Create wall art or another type of floor rug with a mix of colours and designs or make one more complimentary coloured

4. Get really wacky and creative, make a dress and wow your friends

5. Use for stuffing any kind of little decorations or maybe a filling for decorative cushions

I made a case for our new Ipad with a blue bit of fused plastic and dark blue cotton to line it. The top flap stays in place with some stick on velcro.  Useful little make and green….but actually blue. What do you think?

What do you use your spare plastic bags for?  All of the tutorials and links for the ideas are on my pinterest board, 15 Uses: Plastic Bags, and don’t forget to follow me


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