15 Uses: Toilet Roll

The 15 uses : series gives you 15 ways to reuse and upcycle household rubbish so you can keep it or use it one more time before you give it the boot.  Recycling at home is becoming easier and easier as more local councils give households extra bins for any increasing list of materials they recycle but why not get creative and recycle it yourself. So to start off i’m gonna look at a classic blue peter craft staple: 

 Toilet/Kitchen Rolls.

5 Practical uses

1.Got a fire? Store dryer or hoover lint in toilet rolls and use as fire starters

2.Collect a few toilet rolls to create a desk tidy or craft organiser. Find a firm piece of cardboard or even some thin plywood and glue a line of glued toilet rolls to the base. Paint the tubes and cardboard beforehand to a colour to match your study or desk.

3.A great way to start your seedlings off and saves money on buying pots. Simply cut 4 slits in the one end of the roll about a third up and fold the 4 pieces inwards as you would a packing box. Fill with potting compost and plant your seeds, you’ll be growing veg in no time.

4.Store and keep wires neat, both while using them and for storage. Fold in Lengths and slot through the roll, you can even decorate before hand. Looks better and you won’t go mental trying to untangle the mess of wires that looks like spaghetti junction.

5. Cheap and cheerful bird feeder. Punch two holes at the top of the toilet roll and thread some string through to make a loop, cover in peanut butter then roll in bird seed. Hang up in the garden and watch your neighborhood birds enjoy.

5 Pretty uses

1. There are hundreds  wall decor made from cut lengths of toilet that you can view online, experiment and create something that is unique for your home. Cut small lengths and squash slightly to make leaf or petal shapes.

2. If you’ve got the skills, create amazing artwork inside the rolls and display throughout your home. i think its gonna be the new ship in a bottle.

3. Similar to the wall decor, use to decorate cheap mirrors or picture frames to make an inexpensive feature on a wall. Paint in your desired colour. Could take a while to collect enough tp rolls

 4.Make paper chains, mobiles and garlands with toilet roll sections painted in your parties colour theme.

5. Paint or decorate with fabric to use as a bouquet holder, simple for weddings but a great vase if you don’t have one, simple pop the base in a little bowl of water and you have a simple but pretty flower display.

5 Party and Present Uses

1. Create personalised advent calendars ls and pop in an individual gifts, treats or stories in each pouch

2. Use toilet rolls to make individual toys, use your imagination and create animals, people, buildings or even the cute cars above

3.  Seal the bottom of a toilet roll, decorate the outside and use as a gift box for small items. seal up the top once the pressies are inside and your good to go.

4.Another holiday one. A classic use to create Christmas crackers with personal jokes.

5. Create an amazing candle display by using different lengths of roll, paint and glue together to create this cool Halloween display or change the colours to match your party.

The best thing about using toilet rolls is that its something every one uses and every needs, meaning you should quickly get lots and lots together to create this great items.  Heres my own little rendition of toilet roll recycling, I’ve gone for the classic crafty stationary organiser. I used three toilet rolls and the tray came from packaging inside a delivery box. Simply used fabric glue to attach fabric on the inside and outsides of my rolls and tray, then glued all the pieces in place to make it super secure. Quick, simple and pretty. It also matches the lid of my sewing box ,that i made out of an old box file. What do you think?

Please share any toilet roll crafts you come across or have made yourself. For all the links to these crafts, check out my pinterest board 15 uses: Toilet rolls


X xxx


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