In the World: Where Children Sleep

I found this book online a few years ago and every now and again i remember and read it. It is a photographic book by James Mollinson, featuring where different children from across the world sleep. It was intended for children to interest and engage them in the lives of other children and to introduce social issues affecting people around the globe. However it is a delight to read as an adult, the pictures are beautiful of the children and the bedrooms have been shot to encompass the life of the child. Though the written intended it as a social commentary the pictures and the descriptions that accompany them are neutral and tell the facts. Mollinson has not tried to sway your judgement, merely shown a collection of subjects for you to interpret and comment on.

We often judge other people and with the neutral display of the book our inner judgements easily come to affront. It can be an uncomfortably read when it reminds you of the social inequalities we forget are present in our society and the wider world. For me there is a wide variety of children from different countries, different lives, different beliefs but for the most of it they all have childish hope, maybe naivety, and dreams of what they want to be. Maybe this will inspire some one to take up charity work, help some starving children in a developing country or maybe just go down to their local homeless hospice and help out. If you didn’t who could judge you, i myself read this and instead of running outside like a lightning struck Mother Teresa i continued to stay on the computer, probably on facebook. What i gained from this was a reminder of how lucky i was to have parents and a sister who loved me, a beautiful, warm,safe house, a good school and lots of great friends. What ‘ll take away from this, that when i finally have children they will be the most special people in my life.

This is the official website of the author with the book, and has many of his other works which are equally great reads. I however prefer this sight as it has the full descriptions next to the children Seems very odd that the writer doesn’t put the full work up but each to their own.

If you took a picture of your childhood bed room would it reflect your social standing and income?? please comment.


X xxx


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